About Us

We can tell you that we provide bespoke agency services at the top end of the residential market to a wide range of clients in the northwest London and south Hertfordshire areas.

We can also tell you that we are dedicated and professional, and that our business has depth and maturity, underpinning the unusual combination of thought and delivery that Breslauer provides.

How about the fact that we work from an executive office environment rather than a shop front, allowing our team of agents to work from a central communication hub that allows for clear and accurate dialogue.

We can tell you all that because it’s true. Our team has integrity, personality and we are extremely good at what we do.  Our reputation in the area is testament to that, but what do you really want to know?

The residential property market will always have its ups and downs, but now is the time to buy.  It doesn’t matter if you’re reading this in 2009 or in 2013, now will still be the right time to buy.  Unless your chosen mode of transport is a Gulfstream jet, your house will be the most expensive single item you’re ever likely to buy.  Additionally, during the lifespan of your occupancy, it’s likely that you will witness several ‘markets’, both high and low and it’s worth bearing in mind that your family home is, and has always been for the long-term, not just a fast way to make a quick profit.


Anthony Breslauer, the eponymous founder, cares about what he does. Selling family homes is an art form and Anthony does it diligently, knowledgably and with a combination of style backed up with substance that stands him and his company apart from the competition.

He has over 25 years experience at the highest levels of residential property across all market conditions, and while the property downturn of 1989-92 represented an instructive early test, Anthony weathered the storm and emerged wiser, mentally stronger and even more determined. His business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit allowed him to establish Breslauer, primarily to fill a space in the suburban market for a bespoke service in high quality homes, and in the process developing a strong brand identity.

Anthony is a keen traveller and a keener eater with a sharp sense of humour and an optimistic, glass-is-half-full attitude. His finest sporting hour came early as he represented Great Britain at table tennis, and now he keeps fit by watching a multitude of sports on television, but there is one, strange additional fact about Anthony that he has chosen to keep secret from friends and family for fear of the pain and hurt he’d cause. He is one of the lucky few to have survived being shot. No, he’s not the latest victim of ‘Lawless Britain’, rather a misfired air pistol at school, but still, getting shot is getting shot…

Stephanie Cutter plays a pivotal role in making sure the business runs smoothly and effectively. She helped lay the foundations of the company and is a major contributor to its past and future successes. Responsible for Breslauer’s vital online presence, Stephanie is closely involved in all the company’s marketing activity and aids the decision making process regarding strategic forward planning and the various company-wide issues.

Now, part two in the series of ‘Strange Things That Have Happened To Suburban Estate Agents’. Stephanie worked in Italy for a number of years in the mid 1980s as a medical interpreter for an eminent, world famous Professor of Fertility who was at the very cutting edge of the test-tube baby revolution. You literally couldn’t make it up, and incidentally, when you come into the office, please do not bring any physics-based equipment.

Breslauer is a proud member of both the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and the Ombudsmen Scheme for Estate Agents (OEA). Both watchdogs ensure that we remain accountable and will always offer the highest level of professional service with full recourse.